Today’s real estate market is full of investment opportunities.  With housing values that hit record lows and more and more distressed property coming into the market, the time to purchase an investment property is now. 

WestBay has been involved in the investment market for many years. We are positioned to assist you when the time is right to add Real Estate to your portfolio. 

We can help you develop a plan that will help you identify the best properties that will help generate the right amount of income to suit your lifestyle.  We specialize in working with the Investment Market, and realize that it is important to choose specific properties that will allow you to earn a solid return (cap rate) on an annual basis or appreciation on your investment. 

WestBay can provide you with market research as well as advice and expertise that will help you make the right decision regarding your purchase.  We have a vast amount of resources, skills, strategies and support contacts to assist you in purchasing, rehabbing and managing a property.  Our goal is to deliver value to you as the purchaser, and WestBay’s experience in this market will ensure that is accomplished. 

We work with first time investors, experienced investors and also have established relationships with private and institutional investors. Canadian and Foreign investors are welcome and encouraged to contact us as well.